The History of Texas Electricity

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Texas Electricity Back in the early 1880s, nearly two decades after the Civil War, Galveston, Texas, hosted the first power plant, providing electricity to surrounding cities.  Over the next two decades, more power plants running on steam and even dam water began to provide Texas electricity. Within just ten years, you could witness entire cities [...]

Reliant Energy is feeling the heat.

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Summer is in, and this time we are facing more heat intensity as compared to past couple of years. Because of such heat, the electricity consumption in all over Texas has increased significantly both in domestic and commercial areas. It is time that we all must cut down our usage of electricity because multiple factors [...]

Moving to Texas? Read This Before Selecting an Energy Provider

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North Texas is the fastest growing area in the United States. With a competitive housing market and deregulated energy market, the lone star state is quickly climbing the ranks as incentives to those looking to move here get better and better. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is especially true when it comes to [...]

Providers racing to keep up with Texas energy demand.

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Texas Breaks Energy Demand Record Twice – Tips to Shop for Best Rates: It’s only getting hotter in Texas. Not just sweltering, but record-breaking temperatures are setting in and increasing! With record heat expected to continue plaguing Texas, the state's electrical providers are trying to keep up with the energy demand. On Thursday of last [...]