• Choosing an Energy Provider

Choosing an Energy Provider

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Choosing an energy provider and finding the right energy plan can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many <a href="https://energyoutlet.com/blog/difference-between-energy-providers-and-utility-company/">options and companies to chose from</a>. It may be hard even to know what to [...]

  • Wind Energy

How Does Wind Energy Work

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When you think of wind power, it may conjure up an immediate image of large turbines. The long propeller blades picking up wind and generating electricity from such. The truth is that this image is [...]

  • Solar Panels

To Lease or Own Solar Panels

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There is plenty to know beforehand and our goal is to educate you. We want you to make an informed decision before investing in this alternative energy option. With the cost of solar panels declining [...]

  • Texas Electricity

The History of Texas Electricity

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Texas Electricity Back in the early 1880s, nearly two decades after the Civil War, Galveston, Texas, hosted the first power plant, providing electricity to surrounding cities.  Over the next two decades, more power plants running [...]

  • Houston Skyline

Breeze Energy Meltdown

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Breeze Energy Is Powerless But Its Former Customers Don’t Have to Be. How Displaced Customers Can Save With New Providers A local the Dallas retail electric company, Breeze Energy, is parting ways with thousands of [...]

  • Browsing the Web

Oncor Energy Incentive Programs for Texans

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Commitment to Energy Efficiency Oncor Electric Delivery is the largest electric utility in Texas, serving more than 10 million customers. Oncor is characterized by its solid commitment to helping its customers improve their energy [...]