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Houston Electricity Rates and Energy Plans

Chosing the Best Plan For You

Houston Electricity Rates and Electricity Company

There is a wide range of Houston energy companies available with a variety of energy plans and rates designed to fit your budget. Because of all the available options, it becomes more important to educate yourself and choose a plan that meets your needs. One important factor that most of our customers consider is the Rate Type they sign up for: fixed energy rates or variable energy rates.

Long-term contracts that offer lower rates usually best suit homeowners who are in need of commitment, but Houston energy plans are not all the same. From no credit check options from Reliant Energy to pay as you go from Champion Energy, Energy Outlet can help you navigate what plan best suits your needs.

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Houston Energy Plans and Electricity Providers Fixed vs Variable

Fixed Rates

These rates are a better option for customers who own a home or have a long-term lease. You will have a set electricity rate from the beginning and this will not change during your contract. The energy rates and prices will remain constant rather than fluctuating each month. These electric plans offer price protection and stability but usually require a longer commitment. While some contracts are shorter such as 3 months or could even run on a month-to-month plan, some contracts can last 3 years or even more. The downside of this option is that when energy prices drop, you will not benefit from the discounted energy. The positive, however, is that when energy prices spike, you will not be affected. You do not have to worry about reinstating your energy plan throughout the duration of your contract, and you can expect the same prices each month.

Variable Rates

These rates are practically the opposite of fixed rate plans. As opposed to fixed-rate plans, variable rates are a better option for people living in an apartment or house for a short term. With a variable energy rate, our customers are free from a long-term contract, and they can pay the market price. This enables our customers to take advantage of price drops when the market fluctuates. The downside, however, is that when energy rates spike, so will your electricity bill. This option is a good one for risk-takers. You will be able to benefit from energy rate decreases while risking a rise in energy prices. These plans usually run month-to-month so you can cancel any time without any extra fees.

Choosing a Plan

Before you can choose your energy plan, you need to understand what your needs are. You may need a short-term option or a more long-term plan. If you have a large family to provide for or a more permanent living situation, you may want a longer contract to provide stability, security, and predictability. If you just need energy for one or two people or you are in a temporary living situation, a month-to-month contract may be the best option for you. Also, when you are looking for an energy plan, be sure to look out for the unique plans with extra benefits. Some plans, for example, will offer you electricity with free weekends. This is a great option if you have to work during the week and are mostly home on weekends. Some providers also offer night-free plans. Again, a great option if you work during the day. You will benefit from energy that is completely free all through the night. If you just want simple, straightforward electricity, this is also available.

It is important to evaluate what type of plan is the best fit for your needs and budget. We are always able to meet any of your electrical needs. Let us help you find the plan best for you.

Houston Power Plans & Electricity Providers

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
4Change Energy Free Energy 12 12 Months ¢6.90/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Saver 12 12 Months ¢7.45/kWh
4Change Energy Value Saver 12 12 Months ¢7.50/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Saver 36 36 Months ¢7.71/kWh
4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 Months ¢7.90/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Saver 24 24 Months ¢8.14/kWh
4Change Energy Maxx Saver 12 12 Months ¢8.20/kWh
XOOM Energy SimpleFlex Unbundled Month-to-Month ¢8.50/kWh
Frontier Utilities Easy Bill 12 12 Months ¢8.50/kWh
Champion Energy Services Champ Saver - 9 9 Months ¢8.90/kWh
Infinite Energy 24 mo Nest Rate 24 Months ¢9.30/kWh
Infinite Energy 36-Month Partner Simple 36 Months ¢9.30/kWh
Veteran Energy 24-Month Partner Secure 24 Months ¢9.40/kWh
Veteran Energy 60-Month Partner Basic 60 Months ¢9.40/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Pass 12 12 Months ¢9.48/kWh
Champion Energy Services Champ Saver - 1 Month-to-Month ¢9.50/kWh
Infinite Energy 12-Month Partner Simple 12 Months ¢9.60/kWh
Veteran Energy 36-Month Partner Basic 36 Months ¢9.60/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Pass 36 36 Months ¢9.68/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Green 24 24 Months ¢9.80/kWh

Green Energy Options

Here at Energy Outlet, we are passionate about helping the environment and offering ways for you to do so too. We want to see a future of sustainable and renewable energy. We have partnered with several energy providers that are able to make this possible and allow you to power your home with green, renewable energy. Energy Outlet gives you several options for 100% solar energy in Houston. Solar energy is generated through panels that convert the sunlight into direct current energy. This energy is fed through an inverter that converts this energy into useable, alternating current energy. This energy is used to power your home and appliances. Any excess, unused electricity will be stored to be used when it is needed. We have made it possible for you to reap all the benefits of solar energy without installing any solar panels. The electricity provider companies will generate the energy and ship it directly to your home. There will be no extra work involved for you. You can switch to solar with no difference in your electricity, only the impact you are having on the world around you.

Energy Plan Contract Lengths

There is an abundance of energy options available to you along with several contract length options. You can find several long-term plans to choose from. Some contracts can run as long as three years, and occasionally, providers will offer contracts that are even longer. Some more short-term options can be three months or even monthly contracts. Although there are some single month plans that require a contract, many do not. The most common term lengths are one month, three months, six months, one year, and three years.

Electricity For Businesses

Energy Outlet helps you to finds the best energy options for your business in Houston. We are here to help you find the best option to fit the specific needs of you and your business. With several personalized energy options to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you. In a matter of minutes, we can match you with several of our top energy provider companies that can provide you with personalized energy quotes. Just take some time to fill out a quick survey to provide some information about yourself, and you will have several top-tier electricity providers reaching out to you for the opportunity to power your company. You will have the opportunity to compare different energy options to find the best plan for you with the lowest electricity rates. The best part about it is that our services are completely free.

Electricity Providers in Houston

Energy Outlet gives you the power to choose the best houston electricity providers and energy plans to fit your needs.

We have partnered with some of the top Houston electricity providers such as TXU Energy, Direct Energy and others. We have also partnered with some green energy suppliers, such as Amigo Energy and Green Mountain Energy. We believe in helping the planet and have provided a way to help you save on your utility bill while also helping to save the Earth.

Energy Outlet is here for you to help find the perfect energy provider and plan to fit all your needs. Houston has several energy plan options, made to suit any need. Our energy plans are not one size fits all, but instead, we offer diversity in your energy plans. You are bound to find the perfect plan to suit your needs. You even have options in how you pay from no credit check options from Reliant Energy to pay as you go from Champion Energy.

How Weather Affects Houston Energy Rates

Houston Electricity Rates and Houston Energy Companies Effected by Weather

The summers in Houston are hot and agonizing. In 1980 it was stated that this city alone was the most air-conditioned place on earth. It even stays mostly warm in the winters with an average low of 48 degrees in December and February. January is not much colder with an average low of 45 degrees. The average high in the middle of the intense Houston summers is 91 degrees although the temperature often reaches the high nineties or hundreds. The record high of 109°F alone displays the demand for cost-effective energy rates in Houston.

Another struggle Houston natives deal with year-round is insane humidity levels. Yearly, the average humidity level for mornings in Houston is 90%. The afternoon average, measured at 3 pm, is 55%, so the average humidity throughout the day is 75%. On top of the already intense heat, humidity makes the air feel warmer than it truly is. To beat the heat, Houston cooling systems will have to work overtime, especially on days that are exceptionally hot and humid. With humidity in the air, the cooling system has to work extra hard to compensate for the extra moisture in the air. This can cause an increased cost on your energy bill.

Generally, the residents of Houston understand the need for a reasonably priced and cost-effective energy provider. It is an important thing to have while trying to survive those scorching hot months through spring, and even up until the end of the year. Even in the colder months, the year-round humidity can create a massive energy bill. Examining and weighing all the various options provided will assist in the selection of an energy provider that’s most appropriate for you.

About Houston

Brothers Augustus Chapmen Allen and John Kirby Allen founded the city of Houston, Texas on August 30, 1836. The city was founded on some land near the banks of Buffalo Bayou. Its name comes from the general, Sam Houston who eventually became the first president of the Republic of Texas. Not only is Houston the most populous city in Texas, but its broad industrial base in energy, manufacturing, and transportation make it clear that there’s a high demand for efficient and reliable energy here.

Contact Oncor to Report Houston Energy Outage

Due to Texas deregulation, you can pick your retail Houston electricity company. Your location will determine the utility provider who is in charge of maintenance and who operates the electrical infrastructure. Your utility provider will continue to handle your energy regardless of what energy provider you chose. They will continue to deal with any issues you may face and smoothly transition your home to your new energy provider. In Houston, your utility operator is Oncor Electric Delivery, although they don’t offer energy plans in Houston. If you were to have an electrical emergency or power outage, Oncor is the one to call, not your electricity company.

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