Wind energy is one of our most promising clean energy sources. Keep reading to learn more about wind energy: what it is and what you need to know about this green energy source.

What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is electricity that is generated from wind. That energy can be used in a number of ways—to power the home, to charge the electric car, or through an energy storage device like a battery. Wind energy has minimal costs and no pollution. And it’s one of our most promising energy sources for the future. If Texas continues its investment in wind energy, the state could save millions every year in energy costs due to increased supply and a decreased demand on the electric grid.

Here are four things to know about wind power in Texas.

1) Texas has some of the strongest winds in the world

Texas is a natural energy power, and wind energy is an important part of that energy equation. Texas wind energy has grown substantially over the last decade, and it is now a large contributor to our electricity generation mix. Although there are currently no offshore wind energy facilities in Texas, we have substantial land-based resources which could help supply cheap renewable energy to Texans for years to come.

2) Wind energy costs have declined significantly

Wind energy modernization legislation passed by the Texas Legislature in 2005 helped jump-start investment in clean energy infrastructure across Texas, resulting in major cost declines. Due to those cost declines and increased electric grid reliability benefits from higher levels of electricity generation diversity, wind energy is now cost-competitive with other energy sources.

3) Wind energy is a highly reliable electricity source

Wind energy provides a reliable source of electricity at times when Texans need it most. While not all states have favorable conditions for producing large amounts of electricity from turbines like ours do here in Texas, wind energy is a great resource to have because you can generate energy even if the sun isn’t shining or the water isn’t flowing.

4) Wind energy is beneficial to the economy

Wind energy is a clean energy source that creates jobs, saves consumers money, and combats climate change. It also allows energy providers to supply electricity plans at times when energy demand on the electric grid is highest—making it easier for Texans to keep their lights on while lowering costs.

Investing in wind energy makes sense for Texas because we have both the resources and legal framework needed to produce large amounts of energy from turbines. If Texas continues its investment in wind energy, residents could save millions every year through decreased energy demands on the electric grid.

As we continue making smart energy investments like investing in renewables, we’ll see even greater benefits for Texans such as job growth and lower energy costs.

In Conclusion

By investing in wind energy we are putting money back into our own pockets while also saving vital energy resources for the future. Investing in renewables like wind energy is part of a larger plan to make electricity more affordable and reliable here in Texas.

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