There are several ways for each of us to start saving more energy, but change starts with acknowledging the issues. Most of us have several small habits that seem like no big deals, that are major energy wasters. While these habits may seem minuscule, they can quickly add up and become big issues without you even realizing it. Here are some common habits that actually waste more energy than you realize.

Standing in Front of the Fridge

Keeping the Fridge Own

We are all guilty of spending way more time than we should just staring at an open fridge, hoping something to eat will magically appear in front of us. While this seems harmless, the time spent doing this can add up quickly and become a major energy waster. Averagely, people spend close to ten and a half hours each year just standing in front of an open fridge. Not only is this a major waste of your energy, but a major waste of your time.

Leaving Devices Charging

Don't Leave Devices Charging

People often leave their devices, such as phones and laptops, plugged in after they are fully charged. No matter how long you keep your device plugged in, it will never reach any higher than 100%, but it will continue to waste energy anyway. Be sure to unplug your charger when you are done using it. Do not just unplug it from your device, but unplug it from the wall because it will suck energy even if it is not plugged into a device.

Leaving Fans On In Empty Rooms

Try not to Leave Fans On

This one is a difficult one because everyone wants a cool room to walk into when they get home. You have to remember, however, that fans do not actually cool rooms, they just cool people. Even if you leave your fan on all day, it is not cooling your home. You can turn it on right when you walk in and you will be able to feel its power instantly.

Not Changing Air Filters

Not Changing Air Filters

This is a major one. Not changing your air filters often greatly lower the efficiency of the energy in your home, causing your electricity rates to spike. It makes your air conditioning system work much harder to get through a clogged air filter and cool your home. Not only that, but it also makes the air in your home, that you are breathing, much less clean.

Using Your Yard Sprinklers in the Middle of the Day

Using Your Yard Sprinklers in the Middle of the Day

Using your sprinkler system in the middle of the day is a bad idea and a great way to waste energy and water. By watering your lawn during the hottest, sunniest part of the day, you can lose up to 20-25% of that water due to evaporation from heat or wind. Just simply changing when you water your lawn can help you greatly save on electricity.

Other Ways to Save on Electricity

All of these are ways to help save your energy consumption, and thus play a tiny part in saving our planet. But there are other ways to save on electricity that directly affects the bottom dollar you pay. We recommend comparing your current Electricity Provider with Energy Outlet's Electricity Rates and see if there is ways to save ont he price per kWh you pay. Still looking for another way to shave off some more money off your utility bills? You can also try switching your Home Security provider. We typically find that if you move from one of the larger national companies to a local one, you tend to save more money and get better service. For Texas, we recommend Fort Knox Security Services. Have other ways to save? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on social media.