The whole world is talking about “going green”! Either you or someone you know is taking steps to create a cleaner, greener lifestyle. The motive behind this is usually for their family, their health, or for the good of the beautiful world we live in!

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Most people choose to go green by recycling, using silicone or metal straws instead of plastic, bike riding to work, using public transportation, using reusable bags a the grocery store, or maybe even have a food wastebasket that they use for gardening later on. These sound like the usual ways people “go green”. However, there are a few more ways you can go green and save energy right in the comfort of your home!s.

In fact, there is something you are probably doing to waste energy and you didn’t even know it! Here are a few ways you might be wasting energy:

1.) Leaving the water on while you brush your teeth.

As silly as this may sound, you would be surprised how many people waste water by leaving the water running while they brush their teeth. This is such an easy thing to change! Just turn off the faucet and use a cup for your brushing needs.

2.) Leaving the freezer or refrigerator open a little too long.

Just as you should not leave the faucet running, you should also close your freezer and refrigerator doors as soon as possible. Keeping these doors open longer than necessary will cause the appliance to work twice as hard to keep everything cool! These appliances use a lot of energy and electricity, so closing them up right after you are finished with them could save you a lot of money in the long run!

Did you know that statistics say people spend on average 10 hours a year starting at the food in their refrigerator? What could you be doing with 10 hours?

3.) Leaving the light on in rooms you are not in.

How many times have you heard your father yell “turn off the light when you leave a room!” Probably too many. Unfortunately, too many of us walk into a room and totally forget to turn off the lights. It is such a huge waste of energy to leave lights on in a room that you are not in. If you don’t need it, don’t use it! This will also save you so much money on your electric bill!

4.) Using lights during the day

This one sounds so simple, but if you can see in the daytime with natural light from the sun then open a window and let that sunshine in! This will not only save energy but save you the big bucks on your next electricity bill!

5.) Leaving the doors open

Another time to save energy is when you are cooking or doing laundry, make sure to close the door. It may be helpful to find an old-timer trick by leaving a dishtowel on the floor near your closed door. This would act as a signal that when someone walks in they will see it and remember to shut the door before something gets too hot or too cold. This is a very helpful trick!