As the weather drops, energy prices tend to rise. Keeping your home warm in the cold seasons tends to be pretty costly. Here is a list of ways to be more energy efficient and energy saving this year.

1. Seal Air Leaks

Be sure to seal any areas that could be letting the warm air out of your house. Some areas to check are around doors, windows, and electrical outlets. What may seem like a minor issue can be costing you significantly on your energy bill. Weather stripping or draft guards are some things that can help to seal up any cracks and save on your energy bill.

2. Manage Your Thermostat

If you manage your thermostat right, you can save significantly on energy. The optimal temperature for energy savings is 68 degrees when you are home. It is a good idea to keep your thermostat set even a few degrees lower when you are not home. If you find this temperature to be too cold for you, you can turn up your heat few degrees, but do not crank it up. Your thermostat will heat at the same rate despite the temperature it is set to.

3. Ceiling Fans

While a ceiling fan is not something that many people think to use to keep them warm, it can be a useful tool if optimized correctly to keep you warm in the cold months. Since heat naturally rises, the heat coming from your house will naturally settle at the top of your home. Changing the direction of your fan to run clockwise will move the heat down toward you.

4. Use a Humidifier

Using a humidifier will help your house feel more comfortable when your thermostat is set lower. It will also improve the air quality since the air is much drier in the cold season. The humidity in the air also holds heat better and makes your home feel warmer.

5. Use the Sun As a Source of Heat

The sun is an excellent free heat source. Open the curtains on your windows during the day to take advantage of the sun’s heat. When the sun goes down, close the curtains to keep the heat trapped inside your home.

6. Use LED Lights

An excellent way to save on energy is to use LED lights to decorate this holiday season. These lights use at least 75% less energy and last about 25 times longer than other standard light bulbs. They also emit less heat and are less breakable.

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