Are you thinking of going solar and choosing a green energy plan? If you wish to minimize your carbon footprint on the planet, adopting solar energy for domestic purposes can be the ideal solution. Solar panels are great ways to power your home more efficiently. This is because they make use of the clean, renewable, and powerful energy source –the Sun!

What are Residential Solar Panels in Texas?

Residential solar energy or solar panels are capable of powering your entire home with the help of sun’s energy rather than using traditional means of energy. As sunlight strikes the solar panels, electric current gets generated. The solar cells that are present within the panels are responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy in the form of DC power. The DC or Direct Current electricity gets converted into AC or Alternating Current for powering your home or being stored in a battery for later use.

How much will Solar Panel Installations in Texas Cost?

The overall costs of solar panels and their installations would depend on your location and the system or plan that you opt for. As per the Consumers Affairs report, in Texas, the average starting price for the solar panel system of 6 kW is around $14,000.

It is important to note that the given price estimates will not be including the numerous benefits that are available with the installation of residential solar panels in the area. Currently, there is the offer of a federal tax credit referred to as the Solar Investment Tax Credit. It offers 26 percent to the homeowners who go ahead with installing solar panels in their homes from 2021 to 2022. The credit will be effective in allowing you to save significantly in the overall cost of the system. At the same time, you can also come across a number of credits and rebates available for alleviating all financial strains related to the installation of solar power panels in your home in Texas.

For reducing the overall costs, there is also the opportunity of installing solar panels that do not make you purchase your system outright. You can either lease the system or enter some power purchase agreement with some third-party developer.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates or SRECs

These are incentives for solar energy in Texas that allow homeowners in the state to sell certificates for solar energy to the utility. Homeowners are known to get access to one SREC for every 1000 kWh or Kilo-Watt-hours produced by the respective solar energy system. The value of SRECs might vary from one state to another. However, it can go up to the worth of around $300. SRECs are helpful in making the solar energy systems highly financially viable options.


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