Breeze Energy Is Powerless But Its Former Customers Don’t Have to Be. How Displaced Customers Can Save With New Providers

A local the Dallas retail electric company, Breeze Energy, is parting ways with thousands of its Houston customers due to closure by Texas regulators, an occurrence that hasn’t happened between a Texas regulator and electric service provider in nearly half of a decade.  Reports suggest that the organization failed to meet financial responsibilities.  Analysts are seriously considering that the expectation of the season’s higher electricity prices put the electric company and its services in a difficult position to compete.

Breeze Energy had been in business for six years selling renewable power plans, based on records with Utility Commission.  The electric company notified it’s nearly 10,000 customers via email that they would be dispersed to new service providers. Breeze Energy was rumored to have been one of the leaders in offering low-cost rates in order to gain customers and maintain retention.

Breeze may be one of the last electric service providers to offer such introductory rates as Texas regulators are prompting a shift toward consistent wholesale electricity rates that are comparatively fixed. In fact ERCOT data shows that payments are nearly half of what they were last year.

With increasingly hotter weather, recent shutting down of coal-fired organizations and fewer power reserves for peak hours of use, retail providers can expect to pay more for service in the near future. Those who are in fixed-rate plans will benefit from the stability of their payments due during this unknown time. However, for those forced to find new providers, there is no telling what the rates will be offered at or whether any other provider will experience the same fate as Breeze Energy.

Recent reports suggest that nearly 1/3rd of those customers displaced will be transferred to Reliant.  Additional electric companies will also provide power to the residents needing continued services.

Some customers are understandably concerned and even outraged as their rates are subject to significant increase – practically overnight.  New rates are market prices without any consideration for plans that are reduced for incentive saving. For this reason, the Public Utility Commission highly recommends that newly-removed consumers should embrace websites like which allows you to search electric plans for free based on your local area.

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