You may have asked yourself if there was a difference between your energy provider and the provider for utilities. While they do work alongside one another to deliver quality-of-life services to your home or business, they do differ. Here, we identify the differences between the two. The hope is to make everything from understanding to implementing their products and services easier for you as a consumer.

Energy Providers

Here at EnergyOutlet, we help match you with an electric company in your area that fits your needs. Choosing an electric company can be difficult, so we created the ultimate tool to search and compare energy. Your electric company is your go-to for providing energy plans and rates, as well as, responsible for the billing or such services. While they provide energy to your home, they aren’t necessarily the entity responsible for a power outage on your area.

Utility Company

Rather, that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the overall entity, the utility company. This party is the overseer of the energy that is being distributed to your area. When or if you experience a power outage in your area, it may seem commonplace to contact your energy provider. The utility provider is who would have access to the grid and the capability to restore said services. For that reason, having the phone numbers for both your energy provider, and your utility company is wise.

In addition to managing the overall collection and allocation of energy from the grid to homes and businesses, the utility company also is responsible for calculating how much energy is being used by its consumers. These figures are then reported to your local energy provider which is what is reflected in your billing, based on their respective energy plans and rates.

That said, you may be wondering how to ensure you are getting the best rates for your particular area. We at Energy Outlet know that shopping for electric plans can be confusing and difficult. Various providers in Texas offer competitive rates for different types of consumers. Our goal is to make it easier to find the lowest energy rates so you are saving every day, no matter the utility provider or energy company. With a fast and easy sign-up, you can find your ideal electricity provider and make the switch in minutes. Our tool allows you to see the lowest possible rates in your area at any given time… and for FREE!

Finding The Right Energy Provider

Even if you are currently in a contract, submitting a simple form through our site will prompt an immediate list of the best rates when your current contract expires. Since energy companies raise their electric rates when your term expires, so you will want to be on the ball, and ready to switch providers or plans at an optimal time.

While the utility companies servicing your area own and operate the grid, the retail energy companies that actually supply this service to you are typically many. Because of this, they often offer competitive rates as they compete for your business. This puts you in the driver’s seat as you choose from rates that you prefer and plans that are ideal for your needs, oftentimes with enticing incentives. Let Energy Outlet help you find the lowest energy rates and the greatest return.