Anyone with an electric bill knows the anxious feeling that comes with choosing a plan and provider that meet your energy saving needs and budget. While there are options that exist for finding energy-saving plans, there are additional ways to save in everyday household items and gadgets you can invest in. Here, we share some of the latest and greatest smart tech that can help you and your costs keep cool.

Ask Alexa or Siri.

Many smart homes have adopted an additional member of the family, known as the electronic assistant. These smart speakers pump out more than just quality tunes and the up-to-date weather. They also can be paired with your in-home thermostat, lighting fixtures and more. With just a simple sentence, you can prompt your assistant to program the thermostat setting to a specific degree. You can also program it to turn on ceiling fans (which can lower the temp up to 4 degrees) or even shut off lighting and open electronic blinds that are synced up. What’s more, some of the remaining suggestions are compatible with smart speakers, making this a worthwhile investment.

Ease up on Electricity Use.

Got counter tops filled with old-timer, non-connected appliances? The MicroBot Push seeks to turn these appliances of old into smart devices themselves. It’s featured automatic button-pusher turns conventional appliances into smart appliances by simply attaching to any appliance with a rocker switch, push button, toggle switch, or similar. Use this wireless robotic finger that can push most ordinary buttons just like a human finger does. Retrofit things you already have and control them from your smartphone, including ceiling fans, air conditioners, coffee makers and more.

Clear up costs by clearing up the air.

Foobot can smell the invisible, odorless pollutants in your environment and makes them visible through its LED display. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%. Foobot monitors the quality of the air in your home and notifies you via bright LED lights when any substance in the air reaches a critically high level. This helps you stay ahead of the filter replacement curb while also not purchasing them before necessary.

Lighten the energy load.

These LED light bulbs are an appliance all their own. With options from lighting to stereo system syncing, to security camera, these smart bulbs do a lot. Not only are they incredibly smart, but they are easily accessible from your smart phone. They can be managed via mobile app and boast the capability of reporting actual energy savings. Just one of the Sengled LeD products, Element LED bulbs, save 80% energy compared to incandescent options.

Intuitive thermostats.

If you invest in only one of these options, consider a smart thermostat. They allow you to set the temperature of your home at specific times, also they have intuitive touch of picking up on your habits and adjusting as fit. Many energy providers applaud decisions to install these devices. Many even offer incentive programs or plans for those who include these into their energy-saving lifestyle. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to call your local energy provider and request information on any savings they offer to users, as well as, any specific smart thermostats they recommend.

We are all going to expend energy, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend a great deal on it. By implementing and installing smart tech options throughout your home, you are certain to benefit in the long run from these gadgets and their energy-efficient savings.