What is Energy Deregulation Anyways?

Energy deregulation gives you, the consumer, the ability to chose your Texas energy provider and energy plan rather than merely rely on your utility provider to supply your energy. Is this is a good thing? Depends on whom you’re asking. But at the end of the day, it lets you shop for electricity and gives you the freedom to change your plan or provider at any time, for any reason. This is more of a ‘free market’ approach which allows more competition, and theoretically should lower energy prices for you, the end user.

The Importance of Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation gives you the power to choose. In this market, there are several plans available to fit any of your energy needs. Deregulation lets you pick the electricity plan that is tailored to your specific needs and allows for flexibility and freedom with whatever you chose. Since there are so many plans available to you, this market is a competitive one. This means providers will seek to provide energy at the lowest price so that you will benefit from lower energy prices. There are several benefits of deregulation. If you live in a deregulated area, do not take this privilege for granted. Not everyone gets these advantages.

Deregulation Timeline