If you are traveling across the beautiful countryside of Texas, you will observe a number of white, tall, and imposing structures –especially along the plains of the Lone Star. These are wind turbines and reach the height of a 20-story building easily. The presence of these stunning wind turbines makes Texas one of the primary destinations for wind energy production in the entire United States of America.

While Texas is famous for its oil industry, the Lone Star in the state is alone responsible for producing around 28 percent of the entire wind energy source in the United States. This tends to make the state of Texas the 5th largest producer of renewable energy sources while also serving as the 5th largest contributor of natural energy sources in the world, allowing residents to find great renewable Texas energy plans.

Top Largest Wind Farms in Texas

Sweetwater Wind Farm

The wind farm is situated in Nolan County in Texas. The wind farm began its operations in the year 2007. As its construction started way back in 2003, Sweetwater Wind Farm serves to be the oldest wind farm in the entire United States.

The extensive wind farm has the presence of as many as 392 turbines. These turbines have been manufactured by technology giants including Mitsubishi, Siemens, and GE Energy. The entire range of wind turbines extends over an impressive area of around 144 square miles across West Texas. Using this wind farm, around 585.3 Mega-Watt of electricity is supplied to areas including San Antonio and Austin.

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

The wind farm was completed in 2006. The wind farm is known to span an impressive area of around 47,000 acres of land across Nolan and Taylor counties in Texas. At the given time during its construction, Horse Hollow was regarded as the largest wind farm in the world. It features around 421 wind turbines.

In addition to its scope, Horse Hollow is also famous for its distinction of the first-ever nuisance lawsuits in the world over wind farms. The residents of the area complained about the increased noise levels of the wind turbines. In every lawsuit, the big judges decided in favor of the wind farm.

Roscoe Wind Farm

The wind farm is situated right outside Abilene in Texas. However, the wind farm is known to span across as many as 4 counties in the state and covers a sprawling area of 100,000 acres in Cotton County. The wind farm is under the operation of RWE Renewables –a German company. It was launched in the year 2009 and served to be the largest one during that time.

The wind farm is known to make use of as many as 627 wind turbines and has an installed capacity of around 781.5 MW. The capacity is sufficient for generating ample power for more than 260,000 homes across the area.

In 2019 itself, Texas was responsible for generating around 28 percent of the wind energy in the entire United States. It is a number that is only projected to grow as we continue adopting the notion of green energy in the coming future.