Electricity is a necessity, but choosing the right energy plans can be confusing. In this blog post we will cover some of the most common mistakes to avoid when shopping for an electricity plan.

Following The Crowd

We often think that we are being smart if we follow the crowd. But, in reality, this can be a huge mistake when it comes to electricity providers. There are many reasons why one household may have a better deal than another even though they live in the same neighborhood. It is important to compare rates and plan types by a provider, not just zip code or street name.

Not Comparing All Rates and Plans Available

You might find that your current provider has more competitive pricing than you thought! The electricity market is an open competitive marketplace and there are a variety of providers with varying rates that could save you money. You may not even need to switch companies, just choose the best plan for your needs from within your current provider.

Choosing Based on Price Alone

The cheapest option with the best electricity rates isn’t always the best one for your home or business. Make sure to research what each plan covers in terms of usage, contract length, and whether there are any hidden fees associated with it before signing up.

Getting Stuck in a Contract Renewal Cycle

Always read over contracts carefully before agreeing to them so that you know exactly what’s expected out of both parties. Rather than just signing up for another year, compare rates and plans to see if there are any better deals available.

Green Energy Plans

Make sure the company offers green energy options such as renewable energy credits (RECs) or carbon offsets. If they don’t offer these programs already, be prepared with contact information of companies that do offer them when calling their customer support line * Be wary of introductory deals – some providers will give you an attractive rate during the initial term before raising your bill substantially after six months or one year has passed * Consider bundling with other utilities if applicable – this can lower your electric bill significantly because most customers

Energy plans can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. To help you avoid these common mistakes we recommend taking the time to compare all rates and plans available before making a decision on who your provider will be for electricity needs!