Navigating the Texas Electricity Market: What You Need to Know

With electricity deregulation throughout Texas in 2002 – becoming one of the first two states in the US to do so – Texas residents and business owners now have an array of electric providers from which to choose. However, with so many choices, navigating the Texas electricity market can be a bit overwhelming.

Understanding the Texas Electricity Market

The Texas Electricity market is deregulated, meaning consumers have a choice when it comes to selecting an electricity provider. This means Texans have the power to choose Texas, controlling how much they pay for electricity.

As the electricity market is expansive, it also contains murky waters. Business owners and homeowners often struggle when it comes to sorting through plans, rates, and contracts. It’s important for these consumers to understand the competitive pricing and services available.

Exploring the Power to Choose Website

The Texas Public Utility Commission’s (P.U.C) official website, known as Power to Choose, can help citizens find the right provider and energy plan for them. On this website you can compare different plans offered by providers, focusing on the following elements

• Services offered
• Length of contract
• Type of rate (Fixed, Variable, Indexed, etc.)
• Additional fees and charges
• Renewable energy options

Power to Choose also makes it easy for Texans to compare average Houston electricity rates from providers and plans.

Finding the Right Plan

When it comes to picking a plan, customers should determine what type of rate fits their lifestyle and budget. While fixed-rate plans have been touted for offering customers accurate pricing and stability, variable-rate plans can offer more competitive pricing but lack consistency and long-term stability in pricing.

To ensure the best electricity rate available, customers can use New Power Texas Reviews. This website offers consumers a tool to find the best rates and energy plans currently available in the Texas market. It also provides access to a team of electricity professionals who will guide customers through the process.


Deregulation of the electricity market in Texas has given consumers more power and choice when it comes to selecting an electricity provider. The Power to Choose website helps customers explore the plans and rates available to them. Additionally, New Power Texas Reviews provides customers with the information and guidance to find the plan that caters to their budget and needs.

By taking the guesswork out of finding the right energy plan, customers can make a well-informed decision when it comes to selecting an electricity provider that fits their expectations.