Renewable energy has become a major topic of discussion lately. It has grown greatly in the past decade because of its many benefits and the positive effects it has on the environment. Wind energy, specifically, is a major source of renewable power. There are some great benefits of wind power, but, like anything, wind energy also has its disadvantages. You have the power to choose to switch to renewable energy and power your home with wind energy.

Pros of Wind Energy

One of the Cleanest Forms of Energy

While all renewable energy sources are much cleaner than fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources, wind energy is one of the cleanest. There is no fuel needed to generate wind energy. Once the windmill is installed, there is no need for any fuel or power. The only time it indirectly releases fuels is during transportation and construction.

Less Expensive Than Other Renewable Sources

Since there is no fuel needed to power these turbines, they are much cheaper than many other energy sources. While it may be a bit of an investment upfront to install the turbines, once they are installed, there are no other expenses. They require little maintenance or upkeep.

Does Not Disrupt Farm Production

While these turbines are built on farmland, they have little effect on the actual farm. Those who build the wind turbines will pay the farm owners to use their land for the turbines. This benefits the farmers as well. Since the turbines take up little space, they do not disrupt farm production.

Cons of Wind Energy

Can Be Dangerous to Wildlife

Wind turbines can be harmful to some wildlife such as birds or bats. If they are flying through the machines, they can be hurt or even killed by the turning blades. For animals on the ground, the noise pollution can be harmful.


Another common complaint is the noise issue that these turbines can create. Because of the noise, they are typically found in rural areas where few people live.

Expensive Up Front

The turbines can be pretty expensive up front. They cost a lot to build, so it is definitely an investment. The good news is that once they are built, there is no maintenance, so you will be able to make up for the money you paid.