Texas often sees rolling power outages and summer and winter. In most cases, it has been found that the sudden rise in demand for energy in the commercial, residential sectors during both seasons is the primary reason behind the power outages. But the question remains how companies can meet these demands. In winter, Texas suffers from terrible storms, leading to issues in the power generation units. For example, the turbines freeze due to the low temperatures and are unable to generate electricity. In Texas, most power generation units depend on natural gas to generate the requisite units of electricity. But if the turbines freeze, then you cannot generate electricity. Hence more and more companies are looking to green energy to supplement the electricity demand in Texas. In most cases, companies are looking to invest in wind electricity plans to generate electricity.

Some of the reasons why wind energy can be considered to be the answer to the energy demand in Texas are as follows:

Wind Power Is Growing Rapidly in Texas

When Texas was faced with power outages during the storms that raged in the state, the first units to go off were generating electricity by burning natural gas. Experts expected that the wind power units were likely to shut down; however, these continued to function. Having observed this capability of wind power units, most companies believed that investing in wind energy would prove worthwhile. Texas continues to meet its maximum requirement for electricity through natural gas.  But wind energy meets nearly 24.8% of the state’s energy requirement. Wind energy is indeed one of the fastest-growing green energy sectors in Texas.

Operational Costs

One of the reasons why wind power is favored in Texas is that operational expenses continue to be low when it comes to wind energy. According to experts, a single large turbine can generate sufficient electricity to meet the energy requirement of six hundred American homes. Thus, even if it may seem that initially, it will require a certain amount of upfront investment, yet in the long run, it can prove to be beneficial.

Moreover, the turbines do not easily get affected by changing weather conditions. As a result, companies have been investing in turbines that are known to work even in snowstorms. This will help in preventing the power outages that Texas often faces during winters. Thus, wind energy can answer Texas’ energy requirements, especially during the summer and winter months. 

As the demand for electricity changes with the seasons, it is necessary for energy supply companies to understand that they must explore alternative energy generation sources to meet these changing demands. One of these sources is wind energy. The primary reason why energy companies in Texas prefer wind energy is because it is sustainable, renewable, and has a low operational cost. It might seem that it requires a significant amount of space to install a windmill, but it is space-efficient. Thus, wind energy is indeed an answer to the growing energy demand in Texas.