Renewable energy has quickly gained popularity over the past few years. It is a popular option because it gives people the opportunity to do something good for the environment while powering their homes. It also comes with some other major benefits such as less pollution, economic advantages, an unlimited supply, and more. Green energy, however, like all things, also comes with some disadvantages.

Higher Upfront Cost

Renewable energy sources typically have a much higher cost upfront. The technologies required to harness this electricity usually cost much more than traditional energy generators. Although the individual will likely end up saving money by using green energy, the initial cost of setting up a green energy plant is a major drawback.


Renewable energy is as unreliable as the weather because that is what this energy source depends on. There are several variables that go into determining if you are able to collect renewable energy or not. For example, if you are collecting solar energy, the sun needs to be shining. This means you will not be able to collect energy at night or overcast days. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, can be turned off or on at any time and there are not times that you cannot harness this type of energy. While there are ways to store renewable energy, these methods are costly.

Insufficient Production

When it comes to green electricity, the supply does not satisfy the demand. Right now, fossil fuels still produce far more than renewable energy sources. At this point, we are far from being able to rely solely on green energy. It is difficult to produce enough green energy to match fossil fuels.

Low Efficiency

Green energy production still lacks some much-needed efficiency. Since this type of energy is pretty new to the market, it lacks the efficiency of other energy sources that have we have been using for longer.

Your Choice

Thanks to energy deregulation, you have the power to choose  if you want to use green energy to power your home. This includes a green energy plan. There are several energy plans available if you want to power your home with renewable energy. If this is something you are interested in, take a look at some of the energy providers that offer renewable options. You are bound to find the perfect option for you and your needs.