Renewable energy has quickly grown as a major topic of discussion. It has become a popular energy solution due to its benefits for the environment. Traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels are known to have a negative impact on the earth. Renewable energy is a great alternative to traditional and harmful energy. In Texas, you have the power to choose your energy plan and you have the freedom to power your home with renewable energy. There are several types of green energy including wind, solar, hydroelectric, and others. Wind power, being one of the most popular forms of renewable energy has many great benefits, but, like anything, it also has its disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of wind energy.

Pros of Wind Energy

One of the Cleanest Forms of Energy

While any renewable energy source is likely far cleaner than fossil fuels or other traditional energy sources, wind energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy available. There is no fuel needed to generate wind energy, only a windmill, and some wind. Once the windmill is installed, it does not need any fuel or power to operate. It is driven by the wind which it utilizes and converts into useable electricity. The only time these windmills may indirectly release fuels is during transportation and construction.

Does Not Disrupt Farm Production

Although windmills are installed on farmland, they have little impact on the actual farm. Those who install these turbines pay the farm owners to borrow their land. This creates benefits for both parties as the farmers can benefit from some extra money while those planting the turbines have space to harness the wind power. These turbines also take up little space and do not disrupt farm production.

Less Expensive Than Other Renewable Sources

Wind energy is one of the most inexpensive forms of green energy. While the wind turbines are a bit of an investment up front, they quickly pay off. These turbines need no fuel and little maintenance. Since there is no need to pay for fuel for these machines, you can simply pay for the turbine upfront and watch it bring in money while generating useable energy. After they are installed there are no other expenses other than the occasional maintenance if needed.

Cons of Wind Energy

Expensive Up Front

As stated before, these wind turbines can be a bit of an investment upfront. Although they are pricey and cost a lot to install, there are no other expenses once they are set up. After these turbines are installed, they will only bring in money.


One major complaint of wind turbines is that they can often times be a bit noisy. The windmills could be a minor inconvience to those who live in the area especially since the turbines are typically installed in quiet, rural areas.

Can Be Dangerous to Wildlife

Another con of windmills is that they have the potential to be harmful to wildlife. Flying animals such as birds or bats could be injured or potentially killed by the rotating blades. Animals that live on the ground could potentially be affected by some of the noise pollution created by these machines.