If you’re a resident or business owner in Texas, you know by now that the summers can bring some significant heat and, subsequently, high Texas electricity rates.  With temperatures – and monthly payments – rising, Texas energy providers are turning to other means to provide a competitive market to its energy consumers.

Enter, solar energy: a renewable, free source of energy that is sustainable and completely limitless, unlike fossil fuels which are finite.  Solar-powered plants are popping up everywhere in Texas and for good reasons.  Solar energy is a much more cost-effective way to power the many homes in the Lone Star State, even during record heat waves.

So why consider solar?

We list a few reasons that Texas is jumping on-board the solar bandwagon and how you, as a consumer, benefit from this alternative energy-producing source.

Most Abundant Resource

Solar Panels Solar Panels


There is plenty of sunlight and land, Texas is taking the lead in providing solar-powered plants that provide energy to its residents. Because the state is positioned in the southwest with low tree coverage, it has the second highest technical potential for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop installations. Consumers can take advantage of the westward concentration of solar radiance for lower electricity rates state-wide.

Accommodates Growing Population and Energy Demands

Texas already has a healthy population that is predicted to only continue to grow. In fact, between 2017-2040, the population is estimated to increase by 47 percent. Naturally, with more residents, the demand for electricity is going to increase. Solar is a renewable energy source that can help supplement this trajectory.

Clean and controlled

Solar energy is claimed to be one of the best options for providing services to its residents because it is a zero-emission technology. Technology reduces the likelihood of harmful pollution linked to ozone concerns and health issues.

Stable Pricing

Solar has less exposure to price volatility associated with the economics of oil & gas.  Because of this, it is quickly becoming the preferred method for consumers to get their energy. This reduction in cost disparity allows contracts to be stably provided to homes and businesses. This means stability and durability for the plants that are generating power as well.  In many cases, it is possible to contract solar electricity at lower rates than conventional sources.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar energy systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. They only need to be kept relatively clean. This reduces cost across the board, from solar plants, all the way down to the end user.  After covering the initial cost of the solar systems, plants can expect minimal spending on maintenance and repair work. The investment is able to pay for itself in due time.

Advances in Tech

While solar power may seem as simple as the sun, there are multiple ways in which the tech world can complement and advance upon the seemingly simple process. Innovations in physics and technology can potentially increase the effectiveness of solar panels. It could potentially double, or even triple the electrical input of the solar power systems.


Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest renewable source of energy available. All we have to do is harness it. Do this by switching to a solar plan or getting rooftop home solar. You can expand your solar footprint. We even have options to sell unused energy back to the grid! See for yourself at EnergyOutlet.com and get exclusive Texas electricity rates and plans.