Texas Breaks Energy Demand Record Twice –

Tips to Shop for Best Rates:

It’s only getting hotter in Texas. Not just sweltering, but record-breaking temperatures are setting in and increasing! With record heat expected to continue plaguing Texas, the state’s electrical providers are trying to keep up with the energy demand.

On Thursday of last week, ERCOT set a new all-time, system-wide, peak demand record two hours in a row, topping out at 73,250 MW between 4 and 5 p.m. ERCOT says it expects the state to hit new demand records as this heat wave continues.

As providers are closely overseeing the statewide grid, it is certainly telling of a demand on the electric service provider systems. While many providers feel confident they are prepared for the heat wave, many have deals in order that will honor energy conservation during peak hours.

Aside from the general tips to keep the electric bills down while the heat flares up, we also encourage you to use this time to do their research so they can shop wisely for the lowest rates.

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