Thanks to Energy Outlet, you have the power to choose a renewable energy plan to power your home. Choosing to switch to a renewable energy plan allows you to do your part to help benefit the world around you and reduce your negative impact on the environment. While partially renewable plans are amazing options, several providers give you the opportunity to power your home fully with green energy. Take a look at all the providers that offer this option as well as the plans they provide. You are bound to find the perfect fully renewable energy plan option in Dallas.

Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities offers two different fully green energy plan options in Dallas. These plans are the Fantastic 24 Green and Fantastic 12 Green Plans. With either of these options, you will benefit from a 100% green energy plan. Thes plans are also both fixed-rate plans, meaning that your rates will not fluctuate with the energy market. The Fantastic 24 Green plan is a 2-year plan, and the Fantastic 12 Green Plan is a 1-year plan.

Pulse Power

Pulse Power offers a fully renewable energy plan called Texas Green. With this option, you will benefit from fully green energy and a low, set rate. Before beginning this fixed-rate plan, you will agree to a set contract term and a set rate. This rate will not change as long as you are under this plan. The contract term options range from one year to three.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain offers both fixed-rate and variable-rate fully renewable options. The Pollution Free e-Plus Prefered plans come with the option of a 2-year fixed-rate plan or a variable rate plan with no contract length. With a fixed-rate option, you will have a set contract term and set rate, but with a variable-rate plan, you will have neither of these things. Instead, your plan will run on a month-to-month basis and your rates will fluctuate with the energy market.