In America today, commercial buildings consume more energy than any other type of structure. This sounds like a huge problem but it’s also an incredible opportunity. As a facility manager, you have the power to reduce your building’s energy consumption and help the environment in the process. Because commercial facilities consume so much energy, even small reductions in usage can make a big dent in the amount of resources consumed nationally.

How to be Eco-Friendly

Becoming eco-friendlier also can save your company money and improve operations as a whole. By implementing a few simple eco-friendly practices at your office, you can gain the satisfaction of making your operations greener while helping the planet in the process.

The attached resource describes specific steps you may want to consider on your way to a creating an eco-friendly facility. From going paperless to swapping out incandescent lights for more efficient and cost-effective LED bulbs to embracing all-natural cleaning products, each tip is a practical strategy for making your commercial facility both greener and leaner. Even simple practices like opening the window blinds can be an energy saver, allowing in more natural light and reducing the need for electricity. To get more inspiration for ways to improve your business’s energy consumption and bottom line, take a look at the guide.

Tips for an Eco Friendly Facility


Author bio: Dan Dulik is Vice President of Marketing at Litetronics, manufacturer of commercial lighting products, including bulbs and a full line of fixtures and retrofit kits. An alumnus of DePaul University’s Graduate School of Business, he has more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing.