There are so many ways to live a clean and sustainable life full of renewable resources! Even your home and office can be introduced to the benefits of clean power. At first, it may seem like a daunting task to switch over from traditional power sources such as oil, gas, and coal but if you look at some of the top reasons we should all go green with green energy sources like solar power or wind energy, it will make more sense!

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Go Green with Green Energy

1) Save Money with Solar Power

The cost-savings of solar power have been talked about in numerous articles, blogs, and the like. There is just no better time than now to switch over to solar power – it’s cheap, efficient, and saves you money! By using green energy technologies such as solar panels or wind turbines, you will generate your own power from natural resources and reduce your reliance on traditional sources of energy. In addition, as fossil fuels become more scarce and their prices go up, the cost-savings of solar energy become even greater! The initial investment is high but it pays off in a few short years.

2) Protect Our Planet from Pollution

Go green by switching to solar or wind energy? Of course! We all want a clean and healthy future for our planet and that means protecting what we have from pollution such as air, water, and earth. In order to do this, we need to reduce the amount of pollution as much as possible – what better way than to stop using fossil fuels and go with green energy! Unlike traditional methods of power which release toxic pollutants into our environment, clean energy like solar, wind or geothermal energy does not pollute the planet at all.

3) You Will Be Less Dependent on Foreign Sources of Energy

Oil is a non-renewable source of energy that comes from the earth. Oil gets exported from foreign countries and as we all know, the Middle East is our top supplier of oil. By converting to solar or wind power, you reduce your dependence on these foreign sources of energy and establish a more stable home base for your household!

4) Go Green to Help Save Wildlife

It’s true! When you switch over to solar or wind power, you are helping out the planet. Not only that but your home or business is helping protect wildlife – both on land and in the oceans. Solar panels provide habitat for local bird populations while a single turbine can help save thousands of birds’ lives each year by eliminating their collision with turbines.

5) Go Green to Save the Environment

Going green is not just about saving money, protecting our health, or that of the planet. It’s also about preserving nature for future generations! By switching over to solar power, you will do an incredible amount of good for the environment and ensure that there is enough food and clean water for future generations.

If you’ve been thinking about going green with renewable sources of power, here’s a great place to start! You can begin by getting solar panels installed or buying small wind turbines for your home and see the difference it makes in your monthly energy rates. It’s really not that difficult and at the end of the day will be well worth the investment!