Understanding Different Types of Smart Meters and Their Benefits

Smart meters are digital appliances used to track and store electricity and natural gas usage in residential and commercial buildings. While most homes have not yet made the switch to a smart meter, regulation bodies across the United States are encouraging power companies to roll out smart meters to their customers. According to US Energy Information Administration, nearly two-thirds of electricity customers in the United States have some form of smart meter.

Types of Smart Meters

There are two main types of smart meters: Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is the more basic type of smart meter, which can provide power companies with an automated process to read their customer’s electricity and natural gas usage without requiring manual labor. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) offers advanced functions, such as two-way communication, remote connection and disconnection, and automated meter reading.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart meters provide a number of benefits, both to consumers and power companies. By automating meter readings, power companies can reduce their operational costs and teams can focus on other tasks. Remote connection and disconnection are made quicker and easier with smart meter technology, reducing the need for manual labor and reducing overall operational costs.

For consumers, access to real-time energy usage data is the most significant benefit of smart meters. This data can be used to gain insight into energy usage habits and identify opportunities to conserve energy and save money. Consumers can also use this data to help select a better energy plan by researching Houston electricity rates or searching for New Power Texas reviews. Consumers have the choice to either stay with their current energy provider or use Power to Choose Texas to switch to a new provider if a better deal is available.


Smart meters are digital appliances that provide power companies and consumers with a number of benefits, such as automated meter readings, remote connection/disconnection, and access to real-time energy data. By equipping homes with a smart meter, consumers can gain insight into energy consumption habits, save money on their energy bills, and research Houston energy plans to find the best deal. Power to Choose Texas is an online platform that allows Texans to compare energy plans and switch to a more reliable and cost-effective option.