Direct Energy offers several unique energy plans designed to fit any need. While there are several electricity providers available to provide you with a suitable energy plan, Direct Energy provides a variety of energy plans that offer several unique benefits. The provider company also offers basic energy plans if you are looking for a simple option without any extra flares. Direct Energy is passionate about giving back to those in need, and they make it easy for you to do so as well. Take some time to explore some of the top Direct Energy electricity plans. You are likely to find the perfect fit for you and your needs.

Weekends on Command 24

This plan is Direct Energy’s most popular option. This plan provides you with a fixed energy rate for a whole year. It also comes with free electricity for every weekend throughout the entirety of your plan contract. By paying a little extra for energy throughout the week, you will be fully exempt from paying for your electricity from 6 pm every Friday night until the start of the next Monday morning. This plan is a great option for someone who is not home much during the week but uses more electricity during the weekends. If you work during the weeks but spend the weekends at home, this may be the perfect plan for you. This option also comes with a free Amazon Echo Dot when you sign up as an extra bonus.

Live Brighter 12

Direct Energy electricity rates

With this option, you will get a locked-in energy rate for a full year. This plan gives you simple, reliable energy at a low rate. Although a shorter contract gives you a slightly higher monthly kWh rate, a shorter contract like this can offer its advantages. Having the opportunity to switch your contract each year can help you make sure you are getting the most competitive rate. You will have a set, reliable rate for a whole year, but you will also be able to look for a new plan and a lower rate after a year. This is also a great plan option for a renter or someone with a more short-term living situation.

Live Brighter 36

This plan is the exact same as the former, only with a longer contract. You will have all the benefits of a set, locked-in electricity rate for a full three years. With a longer contract, comes a lower kWh rate. If you know energy prices are predicted to spike, this option will ensure stability and peace of mind. This plan is a great long-term option, providing you and your family with security and prices that will not fluctuate. You will also not have to worry about switching your contract each year and finding a new contract.

Power Balance 12

With this Direct Energy plan, you can pay low, predictable monthly electricity rates for a full year. This plan gives you a fixed rate, but in a way that is different from the other plan options. While the other plans give you a set kWh rate, this plan provides a set dollar amount for each month. This option guarantees consistency and predictability. Like with the other fixed-rate plans, your electricity bill will not change as the market does. You do not have to fear if energy prices spike.

Give Brighter Miracles Plan

With Direct Energy’s Give Brighter Miracles Plan, you can do your part to give back to those in need. This plan gives you a solid fixed-rate plan and donates part of your enrollment fee to charity. With every enrollment, Direct Energy will donate $50 to the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.