TXU offers several different energy plan options to suit the needs of any person. They have simple, basic energy contracts, but they also offer some unique plans and benefits. The energy provider company is also passionate about providing solar energy and helping to better the environment. Through TXU Energy, you have so many options available to help you easily switch renewable energy or benefit from any extra electricity plan perks.

Free Nights & Solar Days 12 Plan

This is one of TXU’s top plans because option comes with several unique perks. With this option comes solar energy in the day, and completely free energy in the nights. This plan gives the user completely free energy every single night after 9 pm. This is a great option for anyone, but it is especially good for someone who is not home much during the days. The only energy you will have to pay for is the energy you use during the day.

MarketEdge Plan

This plan is a simple, straightforward variable-rate energy plan. This means that this option runs on a month-to-month basis. With this kind of plan, you will have the flexibility to be able to switch your plan whenever you need to without having to worry about commitment. This type of energy plan, unlike most others, does not come with a fixed electricity rate. The rate will vary depending on the market. This means that with this plan, you will benefit from lower energy prices when the market is lower. The downside, however, is that you will have to pay more for electricity when energy prices spike.

Texas Choice 12 Plan

This plan provides you with energy that is 25% renewable. With this electricity plan, you can do your part to help better the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. This plan also comes with a fixed electricity rate that will not fluctuate with the market, unlike the previous option. With this option, you will receive a Prepaid Mastercard every year in February with 3% cashback. This plan is an easy way to help both the environment and your wallet.

These are only a few of TXU’s many energy plan options available.

TXU Solar Options

TXU Energy offers several options for their users to be able to have access to renewable energy so they can do their part in bettering the world around them. They offer industry-leading solar panels to install on your home. They also allow you to add solar energy to your already existing energy plan in a first-of-its-kind membership-type style.