Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Green Energy

So many people are making the switch to green energy. But why?

Green energy is good for the environment and is much better than using nonrenewable energy, like fossil fuels. Nonrenewable energy creates pollution in the air and can cause terrible lung issues and diseases throughout the years.

Green energy is sustainable and which means it will never run out. Green resources like the sun, wind, and water are all renewable and sustainable sources of energy that are safe for the environment and will always be here to provide energy to power the earth.

People now more than ever are wanting to create a cleaner, safer world to live in, and switching to green energy plans is a great place to start!

Wind Energy

A common form of green energy is wind energy. Wind energy is a form of green energy that harnesses the power of the wind to produce electricity. Wind turbines, use blades and generators to turn kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical power. The generated power drives an electrical generator or alternator which produces electricity.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines can be used in onshore and offshore applications; they are most often found in coastal areas with high average wind speeds and large landmasses close by.

Wind energy has some clear advantages over other forms of renewable energies: It’s not dependent on sunlight (so it works day or night), there’s little need for expensive storage systems (because we always know when it will blow!), and while some people object to its aesthetic qualities, many find the sight of the spinning blades to be quite beautiful.

Why wind energy?

Wind energy has become an increasingly popular form of green energy in recent years, but what are the pros and cons of wind power?

Pros of Wind Energy:

1.) Wind energy is renewable and doesn’t produce greenhouse gases when in use.

2.) Wind turbines only require little maintenance because they have few moving parts.

3.) The cost of wind energy is generally cheaper than the cost of other green energies.

4.) Wind turbines are good for the environment because they have low carbon emissions.

5.) Wind generators are located far away from people’s homes, so there is little noise pollution being produced by them.

6.) Wind energy is much more efficient than solar power.

Cons of Wind Energy:

1.) Wind turbines can be very dangerous for people and animals.

2.) Wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year, mainly due to the massive blades on top of them.

3.) People may not like having wind turbines in their backyard because of the noise they produce.

4.) Wind turbines can be very unsightly if not placed in an ideal location.

5.) Wind turbines are only effective in areas with high wind speeds.

6.) Wind energy is more expensive than using fossil fuels to generate electricity.

So, whether you are for or against wind energy, green energy, or not, it is clear that wind turbines are not perfect. But they do have the potential to be a source of clean renewable energy for years to come.

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