We all know the term “go green”! People all around us are trying to live a better, greener lifestyle. More and more people are switching to renewable, sustainable, green products everyday. Many people want to do their part to save the earth and create a better place for us all to live, including next generations. So what does “clean energy” have to do with this? It has everything to do with this!

Clean Energy

Clean energy is a type of renewable, sustainable energy. Many people have heard about solar panels and wind turbines as ways to create clean energy. These are certainly popular methods but there are so many more! Biomass, geothermal, hydropower, and tidal waves are just some other examples for how we can produce clean energy. Although many people are slowly switching to more green products, some still look at them as too expensive. Places like Houston electricity rates and Dallas energy plans have set up programs where consumers can trade in their old appliances for new energy efficient ones. This has created an opportunity for average citizens to help the environment without breaking the bank.

Types of Clean Energy


Let’s just start with solar power. We all know that it is a great way to get clean energy and help the environment, but did you know that it’s not just for curbing your electricity use? Solar can be used for water heating, if you have a hot tub or pool! If you do not own a pool but still want to keep your water hot without heating it with gas or electricity, this is an option for you.


Geothermal energy is another great way to save the environment. This method takes advantage of the fact that temperatures are always different depending on where you are. Certain parts of the United States have especially high underground temperatures, so why not put them to good use? Instead of letting all of this free energy go to waste, these areas have been harnessed to create hot water. This water is then passed through tubes underground in the same way that natural gas or mineral oil is conducted. You can even give your home a nice new look by having it painted with Geothermal paint!


Water energy is also a type of clean, green energy. You may have already heard about the dams that help control water throughout many parts of the world. These dams use turbines to create hydroelectricity, which is essentially electricity created by moving water. When we think of “hydro” we usually imagine rivers and large bodies of water, but it can also be created by rain as well! Rain water is collected and stored in man-made reservoirs to be used throughout the year, or even until dry spells.


Renewable energy doesn’t only apply to electricity. Did you know that biofuel can also be considered clean energy? Biofuels are usually made from plants and vegetables and often used as a replacement for fossil fuels. A great example of biofuel is biodiesel, which can be used in diesel engines. You may have been to certain gas stations and seen someone pumping something from a truck into their car with flames on the side. This is called a “BioFuel pump” where biofuels are pumped into vehicles instead of regular gasoline. Biofuels are a great way to help the environment and you can even make your own at home!

Go “Clean” in Your Home

There are many ways your home can help reduce energy, such as:

  • Utilizing power strips to unplug all devices when not in use
  • Replacing regular light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent or LED bulbs
  • Ceiling fans can help cool you down on hot days then help warm you up on cold days. They don’t need electricity to run!

If you’re looking for a reliable energy provider, you can check out Reliant Energy or you can read 4Change Energy reviews to find out what customers think. You can even save money by investing in a home warranty companies who will help cover repair costs of major appliances.