Electricity is generated from several sources, some of which are renewable while others are non-renewable. In Texas, one of the traditional methods in which energy is generated is by burning natural gas. If you check your energy rates and electric bill, you will find precisely how many units of electricity supplied to your home have been generated using renewable sources and how many using non-renewable energy sources. When it comes to natural gas, Texas is one of the leading states in the USA to generate power using this fossil fuel because it was discovered as a by-product of oil in Texas.

With the increase in the mining of oil in Texas, the generation of natural gas also increased. As a result, the electricity manufacturing units in Texas began to tend towards natural gas as the preferred fossil fuel to generate electricity. Some of the essential factors that you should know about natural gas are as follows:

It Is a Relatively Clean Fossil Fuel

Natural gas is a fossil fuel as it is a by-product of oil, but compared to other fossil fuels, it is known to cause less environmental pollution. When you burn natural gas to generate electricity, it does release carbon dioxide. But the CO2 emissions are much lower than the burning of other fossil fuels like coal or petroleum. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best fossil fuels to be used to generate electricity. The other greenhouse gases released when natural gas is burnt are known to have a lower life cycle. In other words, these do not last long in the atmosphere and are known to be less harmful. The only prominent pollutants released on the burning of natural gas are volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These are the compounds that usually cause smogs. 

Natural Gas Electricity Is Used By Various Sectors

The electricity generated from natural gas has multiple uses for different sectors across Texas and the USA. However, the primary reason for the high demand for electricity generated from natural gas is that it is not as expensive as power generated from green resources, and it causes relatively low environmental pollution:

  • In the industries, burning natural gas is used only for fuel processing and heating and cooling of the systems. Natural gas accounts for nearly thirty-three to thirty-four percent of energy consumption by the industrial sector.
  • In the domestic sector, natural gas is used to supply electricity for regular use, such as heating of buildings and cooking. It accounts for nearly fifteen percent of the energy requirement of the country.

Thus, natural gas plays a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable supply of electricity in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors. However, when you evaluate the energy requirements only of Texas, you will find that only the renewable sources of energy are not sufficient to meet it. Therefore, you have to depend on the traditional sources and amongst these natural gas is one of the best as it causes the least pollution.