With the introduction of deregulation of the energy sector, Texans have become more conscious about the source from which their electricity plans are being generated. If you check your energy rates carefully, you will find a section in the bill that tells you exactly how much power has been sourced from green resources. Green energy can be in the form of solar energy or wind energy. Texas as a state is heavily dependent on wind energy as a renewable source of energy. Other than that, many Texan homeowners are opting to install solar panels on the roofs of their homes. This makes theirs houses energy efficient and converts their homes to green homes. In addition, Texans, having suffered from numerous blackouts in the past few years, have been increasingly promoting renewable energy sources as a more sustainable method of generating electricity. Some of the reasons why Texans are switching to renewable energy resources are as follows:

Switching to Renewable Sources Post Blackouts

Deregulation means you can choose your service provider who will supply you with electricity. Subsequently, you can also choose the plan depending on your energy requirement. Many Texans are choosing energy plans where the service provider sources the electricity entirely from a green source. This makes helps the consumer to reduce their carbon footprint as well. It has been observed that post the blackouts, most Texans have begun to appreciate the importance of using renewable sources of energy as the primary source for producing electricity.

The Rising Cost of Natural Gas

Another factor that has led to most Texans preferring to opt for renewable energy sources as the primary resource for generating electricity is the rising cost of natural gas. If you have opted for a variable-cost energy plan, you know that your monthly bill will depend on the changing rate of electricity. The cost per kilowatt of electricity is dependent on multiple factors. The cost of generating a kilowatt of electricity can be affected by the rise in the price of natural gas, change in fuel price, change in the price of coal, or change in the price of any other fossil fuel used to generate electricity. If the price of any of these factors increases, the price of electricity will rise. This will be reflected in your energy bill. As a result, you will have to pay a higher price in a particular month. But if your service provider switches to renewable sources, you will not have to pay a higher price due to changes in natural gas prices.

Texans have become increasingly conscious about increasing the use of renewable sources for the generation of electricity. It is a part of their endeavor to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels to generate electricity. In addition, the increased dependency on renewable sources to generate electricity is not only sustainable in the long run but also cost-effective. These have led more and more Texans to choose renewable sources of electricity generation as a preferred method.