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About Champion Energy

Champion Energy Texas is the fastest-growing retail electric provider in the nation and the largest to have never been affiliated with a utility. Champion currently serves residential, governmental, commercial, and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Maine.

Popular Cities Champion Energy Serves: Houston | Dallas

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Champion Energy Plan Options

When you are looking for an energy plan, it is important to consider all the options that are available to you. You have the power to choose the perfect plan for your needs.

One option you have to choose from is a fixed-rate plan. With this plan, you will have a locked-in electricity rate for the duration of your contract. It does not matter if you choose a contract length of three months or three years; you can count on a plan that is reliable, predictable, and consistent. This is a great long-term option and good if you are a homeowner or have a family.

On the other hand, another option you have is a variable-rate energy plan. With this plan, you will not have any kind of contract or locked-in plans. This plan will run on a month-to-month basis, meaning you will not have any contract to tie you down. This option gives you much more freedom and flexibility. Another aspect of this option is that there is no set monthly rate. This means your Champion Energy rates will fluctuate as the market does. This will be great in certain parts of the year because you will be able to save money on your electricity. The downside is you may end up paying more for your energy at other times in the year.

Texas Energy Deregulation

As a Texas resident, you have the privilege of living in a deregulated area. Energy deregulation gives you the power to choose your energy plan and provider. It is the whole reason that Champion Energy can exist at all. While it is something that many people take for granted, it is something that you should take advantage of. Before deregulation, consumers were not able to choose their own energy plan but were forced to use the plan provided by their local utility company. Being able to choose your plan allows you to find the best option for your home and the lowest rates.

Deregulaiton creates a completion on the energy market with providers battling for your attention, and hopefully, your business. Several providers, such as Champion Energy, do this by offering unique plan options and low rates. Be sure to take a look at all the plans offered by Champion to see if you can find the best option for your home as well as low rates.

Champion Energy’s Most Popular Plans

Compare Champion Energy plans to find the best option for you and your needs. They have several options available, so you are bound to find a great option to fulfill any need you may have.

Champion Champ Saver- 12

This is Champion Energy's most popular plan. It gives you 12 months with a fixed rate. This Champion plan is great for renters who are on the lookout for better rates every year.

Champion Money and Power Free Weekends- 12

At the office most of the time during the week? This Champion Energy plan is great for you. Whether you’re doing laundry or kicking back watching the big game, Champian makes sure you don’t worry about energy all weekend long.

Champion Money and Power Free Nights - 12

Although you’re paying a higher rate during the day, this Champion Energy plan is a great option for people who aren't home during peak hours. This 12 month fixed rate plan works well with most people in apartment living or people who let less appliances run during the day.

Champion Energy Renewable Options

Champion Energy uses renewable energy that comes from clean sources. They use sources such as wind or solar to obtain energy rather than fossil fuels. Renewable energy is limitless and has a minimal environmental impact, unlike finite fossil fuels most commonly used. Consumers who switch to this green energy alternative, are proactively limiting their carbon footprint. Renewable energy credits (RECs) is used to supply the consumer's energy. RECs are issued through renewable energy sources and sold to companies such as Champion Energy. These are made available to the consumer, and distribution of these are used to reduce the use of traditional energy sources and better the planet.

Champion Energy Reviews

Although there are plenty of other electric service providers in the marketplace, Houston-based Champion Energy has risen to the top by keeping a sharp focus on customers interests.

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five star rating


Facts About Champion Energy

Headquarters: Houston TX
Founded: 2002
Subsidiary of Calpine Corp. since: October 1, 2015
Market served: Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York

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