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LifeEnergy is based in Houston, Texas, but serves customers all around the country. They serve homes and businesses in Texas, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. The company is fast-growing and will soon become a nationally branded company, serving every deregulated area in America. LifeEnergy is 100% green energy and 100% paperless making it a good choice for those looking for a great renewable electricity company.

Popular Cities LifeEnergy Serves: Houston | Dallas | Fort Worth

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LifeEnergy Electricity Plans

LifeEnergy works to offer energy plans tailored to your personal energy needs. Their system involves providing personalized energy. They will give you personalized rates and benefits based on your individual needs. LifeEnergy bases their energy rates on you and your needs, not the energy market. Here are a few of LifeEnergy's personalized, unique energy plans:

LifeEnergy MyLife Plan

This plan is all about personalized energy. LifeEnergy strives to make your energy plan as personalized to you as possible. After answering a series of a few simple, questions, LifeEnergy will be able to give you a quote for your energy rates. These simple questions are ones such as, "Do you live in an apartment or a house?" and "How many bedrooms is your home?" Once they understand your living situation, they will recommend plans for you based on how much energy you need.

LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan

This plan offers simple, basic energy at a fixed, low price. This plan comes with a contract, and during your contract time, you will benefit from a locked in competitive rate, without any extra, hidden fees. This is a fixed-rate plan; your energy rates will not change with the market. This plan gives you energy that is pure and simple, providing predictability and stability for the length of your contract. You will also be able to choose from several different contract length options to ensure whatever you pick is genuinely the best plan for you.

LifeEnergy PowerLife Plan

This plan focuses on powerful electricity. It is the perfect plan for any high power users. This plan is unlike any others. You end up saving money by using more energy. The more electricity you consume, the less your monthly rate will be. Like every LifeEnergy electricity plan, this plan is 100% renewable, so you will be able to power your home with clean, green electricity.

All plans come with either MyLife 500, MyLife 1000, or MyLife 2000, depending on the size of your home. The different plan options are based on how much energy you should use each month. Based on the energy plan your home needs, you will be given a set price each month. For example, if you live in a small apartment, you will not need much energy, so the MyLife 500 plan should be perfect for you. You will have a set electricity price each month for up to 500 kWh of energy.

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LifeEnergy has a 5 star rating on CenterPoint Energy.

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Services Provided with LifeEnergy

LifeEnergy Personalized Energy

LifeEnergy believes in providing each customer with customized energy to fit their specific needs. All energy rates are based on you, not the market. You can find a plan designed for you whether you live in a Tiny Home or a huge mansion.

LifeEnergy Green Energy

LifeEnergy is devoted to supplying green energy and helping to better the world around them. With 100% renewable energy products, LifeEnergy is green and paperless.

Move-In Ready

LifeEnergy provides you with move-in ready electricity, so you will have one less thing to stress over. You will also not be charged any switching fees when switching to LifeEnergy.

Simplicity with LifeEnergy

Energy should not be complicated, and LifeEnergy is devoted to making sure it is not. They provide simple energy at low prices with no gimmicks, no drama, and no surprises.

LifeEnergy Customer Offers

LifeEnergy values each customer. They aim to show their love through their services and promotions. Their refer-a-friend offer is coming soon, to allow you to allow you to earn extra bill credits each month.

LifeEnergy Deregulation

Texas energy deregulation allows you to choose your energy provider and energy plan. This is the whole reason LifeEnergy can serve you. Deregulation creates competition in the industry, and companies, such as LifeEnergy, will do whatever they can to stand out among their competitors. They will do so by offering unique, low priced plans. While energy deregulation may seem irrelevant, it greatly benefits you. It gives you the power to choose your plan to fit your personalized wants and needs best. With an abundance of unique plans and low rates, you are bound to find the plan that best suits you. LifeEnergy has made sure to take advantage of this energy deregulation by creating several different, personalized energy plans to offer you the best options possible.

Energy Outlet has done the hard work for you. We have organized all your energy options, so you can easily find the best one for you. Do not let all the choices overwhelm you; we are here to help. All you have to do is pick the best plan for your wants and lifestyle needs. Take some time to look at all that LifeEnergy has to offer. You are likely to find a plan perfect for you.

LifeEnergy Business Plans

LifeEnergy is not exclusively for your home. They offer unique, low priced, plans for businesses of all sizes. The company is flexible, transparent, and tailored to all your business needs.

LifeEnergy Customer Portal

LifeEnergy strives to serve their customers in any way they can. They have developed an online portal to help serve their customers as much and as efficiently as possible. This online account access is available to all Texas LifeEnergy customers. Once you become a customer of LifeEnergy, you will be able to log in and access your customer portal. The online portal allows you to view your bills, make auto payments, and view your electricity usage.

Some cities served by LifeEnergy: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston

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Headquarters: Houston Tx
Market served: Texas
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