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Energy for a Brighter Future

Our passion is to see a sustainable and renewable energy future. Go solar today and save the planet tomorrow.
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From The Sun to Your Home

Whether you are microwaving your dinner or setting your alarm clock for the morning, we are all constantly using electricity. Many people believe that this is a clean source of energy, but in most cases, it is a large source of pollution. The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to purchase your electricity from a green source. Energy Outlet offers 100% renewable energy plans to help save the planet and your money. But how does solar really work?

Go Solar Today

Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest renewable source of energy available. All we have to do is harness it. By switching to a solar plan, or getting rooftop home solar, you can expand your solar footprint. We have partnered with select providers to get you a free consultation. Furthermore, you can also join sell back programs so any surplus energy generated can be sold back to the grid.

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