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Save on Energy Rates and Plans!
Save on Energy Rates and Plans!

Mesquite Electric Plans

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Education being important to the early pioneers that first settled in Mesquite, family farms held ground to different field schools such as the Oates school built in the 1870s. In the early 1890s, the town served as an expanding farming community where a road connected the local farmers with Dallas and a population of only 135. Another factor that brought population to the town was the post-World War II building boom when new subdivisions were established. From farm life to the expansion of businesses, Mesquite, Texas understands the critical need for efficient and affordable energy.

Mesquite has a humid subtropical climate and the summers tend to be the hottest during the July and August months. The long, dry summers result in a demand for lower temperatures indoors in order to stay cool. Due to continuous usage of air conditioning systems during this time of year, energy bills begin to rise.

The winters in Mesquite are similar to those of the DFW area and tend to be very dull because of its climate. The weather is not brutally cold but there are times when the temperatures have sudden drops during the January and February months. While temperatures decrease, members of the household tend to be less active as well. Throughout the winter most people like to stay inside to avoid the cold weather. The electricity usage can increase from technology use, lights left on for long periods of time, and water heaters working harder to heat the house. Thankfully, there are affordable options available for you and your family’s style of living right in the heart of Mesquite, Texas.

Mesquite Electricity Rates and Power Plans

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Cirro Energy Smart Lock 12 Online 12 Months ¢10.9/ kWh
Pennywise Power Wise Buy® Conserve Plus 12 12 Months ¢10.9/ kWh
Reliant Energy SECURE ADVANTAGE 6-ONLINE 6 Months ¢10.7/ kWh
Reliant Energy SECURE ADVANTAGE 12-ONLINE 12 Months ¢11.3/ kWh
Reliant Energy CLEAR FLEX-ONLINE Month-to-Month ¢11.3/ kWh
Cirro Energy Smart Lock 24 Online 24 Months ¢11.3/ kWh
Pennywise Power Wise Buy® 12 12 Months ¢11.3/ kWh
Cirro Energy Smart Lock 6 Online 6 Months ¢11.4/ kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred 12 Months ¢9.7/ kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus 36 Preferred 36 Months ¢9.7/ kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus 9 Preferred 9 Months ¢9.7/ kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus Preferred Month-to-Month ¢9.7/ kWh
Pennywise Power Wise Buy® 14 14 Months ¢12/ kWh
Reliant Energy LEARN AND CONSERVE 12-ONLINE 12 Months ¢10.7/ kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 24 Months ¢10.8/ kWh

Custom Mesquite Power Plan's

Electricity companies have started making energy plans customizable, to help them stand out against the competition. Be sure to take time to review the different term lengths, benefits offered, and type of energy that is going to best fit the needs of your lifestyle.

While searching, you will find two types of supply offers, Fixed - and Variable-Rate electricity. Fixed-Rate supply plans, lock in the cost of your per kilowatt hour for the duration of your term. This means prices will be locked in, and Mesquite energy consumers can avoid the seasonal fluctuation of Texas energy cost. On the other hand, a Variable Supply Rate changes and fluctuates with the market. Customers may have the ability to take advantage of a lower supply rate in the mild Texas Winter’s. However, consumers also risk paying more in the extreme Summer months.

Some Mesquite Electricity Companies Offer Unique Contract Options

Texas deregulation has caused retail electric companies to compete for consumer business. To stand out among the stiff competition in the Texas Energy Market, many companies offer benefits. Take the time to explore your options and make sure you get the right Mesquite electricity plan for you.

What Should you Expect During and After the Switch

Regardless of what new energy provider you’ve signed up with, your local utility provider will still deliver and maintain your electricity service. Your transition to the new energy provider should go smoothly without interruption to your power, but you can always contact your utility provider directly.