With so many choices out there for energy providers and electricity plans in Texas, it can be overwhelming to find the company with the lowest electricity rates and best energy plans. It is important that you choose the right plan option to ensure that you get the best deal and are overspending on your electricity.

Here are 5 factors to consider before making a decision:

Is a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan right for me?

Your energy plan selection will determine how much you pay for energy per month. Energy plans are generally separated into two categories: fixed-rate and variable-rate.

Fixed energy rates remain the same for a set amount of time, which is usually one year or more.  This type of energy plan allows you to budget energy costs and rely on your energy provider to give you consistent energy costs throughout the term of your contract. The majority of electricity providers offer fixed-rate energy plans at varying contract lengths, so shop around!

Variable-rate energy plans, as the name suggests, vary based on market conditions. Variable-state energy plans can change monthly or yearly. Some electricity companies only offer variable energy rates for 30 days, while others offer them for 3 months and up. Many providers even offer variable-rate plans that run month-to-month rather than on a set contract, giving users the power to cancel or change the plan at any time.

Do I want a renewable energy plan?

Renewable energy plans offer energy generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. Renewable energy plans are usually more expensive than traditional energy plans but help you contribute to the environment without costing you an arm or a leg!

How long of a contract do I need?

Most energy agreements are for one year, but energy providers do offer plans that run anywhere from 1 month to 3 years. If you’re unsure whether your energy should be on a fixed or variable rate plan, check with your energy provider to see how long you can stay on the energy plan before switching back.  This will help you avoid paying more than expected when it comes time to review your contract!  Also, most energy companies allow users to change their energy company after 6 months of service if they aren’t completely happy with their current choice.

Do I want a plan that comes with extra benefits?

As energy prices rise, many providers offer more energy plans with extra benefits. These energy plan features include bill credits, rewards programs, and specialized energy plans for apartment complexes or social housing.

What are the top-rated providers in my area?

When comparing energy providers in Texas, make sure you choose one with a long history of providing energy and excellent customer service.  You can check the state’s energy provider rankings by visiting sites such as Energy Reviews.

In conclusion:

Purchasing energy plans is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your energy use. Before choosing a company to provide energy for your home or business, consider all of these factors and then decide which energy plan will work best for your needs.  A little bit of research goes a long way!