Texas summers are known for their heat and humidity and increase the tendency to turn up the air conditioners. If you lower the temperature setting of your home’s HVAC system every summer, you will be keeping your house cool. But chances are there that your HVAC system will be overworked. As a result, it might malfunction, and you might have a significant electrical problem on hand. Hence, despite the desire to reduce the temperature of the air-conditioners in your home, you must maintain these at an optimum level. The average temperature that you should keep AC in your home should be around 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the reasons why you should maintain an optimum setting of the air-conditioners in your home are as follows:

Energy Saving

When you reduce the air-conditioners setting to a much lower temperature, you force the system to consume more energy to keep the room cooler. This often forces the compressors in the ACs or in the HVAC system to work for a more extended period. As a result, more energy is consumed than required. Instead, you could set the AC temperature at an optimum level and install ceiling fans in the rooms. This is especially applicable for the bigger rooms in your house, like the living room and the dining room. This will ensure that the room remains cool but with minimum wastage of energy. This can also help you to lower your energy rates and save on your electricity bill. It is also important that you choose an electricity plan that will support you through the brutal Texas summers and not cause you to worry about your prices spiking. 

Ensuring Humidity Control

Maintaining the optimum temperature in the room is necessary to ensure that your house does not become highly humid or dry. If you raise the temperature above the optimum level, you will tend to make your home humid. The primary reason for this is Texan summer is not just hot but also humid. Excessive humidity can lead to the development of mold and mildew inside your home. Moreover, if you reduce the temperature, then chances are there you can make the interior of your home extremely dry.

However, even at the optimum level if the air inside your house might feel dry. But instead of raising the temperature of the ACs, you should purchase a humidifier. This will ensure that the optimum temperature of the AC is maintained without causing any significant harm to your home. It will also prove to be cost-saving as the HVAC system will function at an optimum level.

Texan summer starts in June, and to ensure that the summer months pass without any issue, you should check the HVAC system and the air-conditioners in your home. In addition, you should change the air filters and get these serviced to ensure that there is no wastage of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy or DOE also advises that maintaining the optimum temperature in the air-conditioners can also help reduce energy wastage, and you can see a significant change in your energy bill. Therefore if you want to make the most of the HVAC system and the ACs in your home next summer, then ensure that these are kept at the optimum temperature.