Summer is in, and this time we are facing more heat intensity as compared to past couple of years. Because of such heat, the electricity consumption in all over Texas has increased significantly both in domestic and commercial areas. It is time that we all must cut down our usage of electricity because multiple factors are arising to convince us to lower the electricity consumption.

Simply describing, the increase in electricity prices is happening because of the higher energy consumption. Higher consumption leads to power grids with lower energy storage and power plants are having to work overtime. Such huge energy production causes the Texas electricity market to rise the price of energy. The factors are actually simple, and these are the reasons the Reliant Energy is asking its customers to lower the electricity usage to help Texas and to help themselves as well. There are multiple other reasons why we should reduce our energy consumption to help lower our bills and actually help the nation and make a difference.

About Reliant energy

Reliant Energy is the leading electricity providers in Texas. They’ve been providing an excellent service for decades and with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. They have the most affordable energy packages for domestic and commercial energy consumption customers.

The reason they are asking the customers to lower their energy usage is because of some basic reasons.

  • The energy rates are likely to rise
  • So much electricity consumption in such hot weather conditions leads the power grid in stress, and that can cause interrupted power supply
  • So much electricity usage in summer can interrupt the power supply, or worst case scenario a blackout.
  • Cutting down power usage in the peak hours can help the State’s energy grid to manage electricity in a more comfortable, manageable, practical and economical way. Hence, they will not have to increase the electricity prices or  cut off power.

The Texas grid manager from Electric Reliability Council declared that they had recently measured energy consumption, finding peak-energy consumption for two hours was close to 74,000 megawatts. Energy consumption was measured after 4 pm and before 6 pm. This massive consumption of electricity isn’t looking to slow down with temperatures expected to rise. Last Wednesday the record of the highest energy consumption was set with more than 1000 megawatts. Just for reference, 1 MW powers up close to 200 full homes for a full hot day in Texas.

Keeping energy rates low.

All of this can cause some severe problems for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and for the customers like you in your beautiful hot state, Texas. It is time that we lower our energy consumption to keep energy rates low  and reduce pressure on the States electric grid. This is the time to be a responsible Texan and for your family as well. Try to use as little power as possible during peak hours of 3pm to 7pm. Turn the thermostat up 2 to 4 degrees higher, we recommend it stays over 75. Wash clothes after 7 pm and water your lawn early in the morning. Charge your electric gadgets, vehicles or machines at night and try air drying your clothes.

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