In Texas, everything is mega – even the energy industry! In addition to the fact that the state of Texas is bigger than several countries of the world, Texas is also famous for producing and using abundant energy. As a matter of fact, Lone Star State in the region serves to be the leading producer of energy in the entire United States of America –producing almost twice the amount of energy produced by Florida. This is the reason why Texas is regarded as the only state in the nation featuring its own electricity grid.

Texas is making it possible and easy for its residents to choose renewable energy plans for their homes and help better the environment through their energy usage.

With the overall demand, there is added responsibility as well. However, the renewable energy sector in Texas has grown significantly in recent years. Here are some quick facts about the renewable electricity sector in Texas that you should know about:

1. Texas Renewables Continue Climbing as Coal Declines

As coals are going out, renewables are making their way into the energy sector in Texas. For several years, coal has undergone a gradual decline in the field of energy & power in the state. As per the Energy Department in the United States of America, it is reported that coal production is going to continue declining. In fact, it has dropped to its minimum in the period of the last 80 years. At the same time, renewable sources of energy like solar and wind are going to continue growing at unprecedented rates.

2. Texas Provides Almost 30% of Wind-Powered Energy in the US

With as many as 13,000 wind turbines across different wind farms in the state, Texas is a leading player in the generation of wind energy in the entire nation. In addition to solar, wind serves to be one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in the United States of America. To bring about this transformation, Texas remains in the leading position.

3. Texas Wind Has Been Producing More Energy Than Texas Nuclear Since 2014

The wind power generated in Texas is a leading determinant of its popularity. Even nuclear energy production in the state cannot surpass the overall potential of wind power energy. With the rapid increase in wind energy generation in the state, the state has been able to produce more energy from wind in comparison to nuclear sources.

4. In the Last 5 Years, Texas Solar Prices Have Gone Down by Around 38%

As per the reports of the SEIA or Solar Energy Industries Association, the overall price for solar power generation has dropped by around 38 percent in the period last 5 years. With the help of the government-enabled subsidies, the overall support for renewable sources of energy over fossil fuels and the overall increase in demand has made solar energy at the forefront of Texas power generation.

In the coming times, it is estimated that you will hear more good news from the wind and solar energy sectors in the region.