Save On Electricity As It Heats Up

As the temperatures rise, the electricity bills tend to as well. All Texans know that the summers here can be brutal. They call for you to constantly run your air conditioning system on full blast in order to stay comfortable in your home. While temperatures increase, your electricity bill should stay the same. Here are some ways to save on electricity in the heat.

Turn Off Your AC

Turning off your AC before you go to sleep or leave your house and help you to save greatly on your electricity bill. You can save even if you turn up your thermostat a bit when you are not using it, or even if you are. The best temperature to keep your thermostat during the summer for maximum savings is 78 degrees. For every degree you raise your thermostat, you can save around 4-8% on your cooling costs. Reducing your AC usage can help you pay less for power each month.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Silver ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a great tool to help cool down your house and help you save on energy. A fan can cool the room by about 4 degrees. When your fan is on, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly. Some days, you may be able to turn off the air condition system altogether and just use a ceiling fan. The circulating air also lifts moisture from your body, making you feel even cooler.

Close Blinds or Drapes

It is a good idea to close some of your blinds or drapes during the day, especially if a window is receiving direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can heat your home and cause your AC system to have to put in more work. It is best to do what you can to reduce the heat coming into your home from the sun. It will keep you cooler and save you electricity.

Reduce Oven Use

Using your oven or stove inside your home heats the house and creates more work for your AC system. It also uses a lot of electricity. It is a good idea to find other options to use some nights in order to reduce your oven use. A good alternative to baking with the oven is grilling your food. While grilling food on a warm summer night is a great activity, it has extra benefits to help you save energy. Some other options are to use a slow cooker or toaster oven. They both emit much less heat and use less electricity. You can also try to make more salads and cold foods on some nights.

Unplug Your Electronics

You may not have ever thought to do this, but it is a great idea to unplug your electronics when you are not using them. Most appliances and electronics use electricity even when they are not being used. One way you can save on electricity is to plug several of your devices into a surge protector and turn it off when you are not using it. Chargers that are plugged in and not charging anything also drain a lot of power.

Use Natural Light

Take advantage of the shining sun during the Summertime. On most summer days, you can rely fully on the natural light. Since leaving the lights on can take a lot of electricity, you can get lower electricity rates by turning them off in the morning and afternoon.