Solar energy is quickly beginning to gain popularity. It has received its fame for being a readily accessible source of unlimited, renewable energy. It is also much better for the environment than other traditional energy sources. Despite all the praise this energy source receives, there are some disadvantages on top of its benefits.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Unlimited Energy Source

One of the major benefits of solar energy is that it is truly renewable and unlimited. As long as the sun shines, we will be able to harness its power for our use.

Reduced Electricity Rates

Who does not want low electricity rates? Using solar energy is a great way to lower your energy prices. If you install solar panels on your home, they will be responsible for powering a good part of your house and will help you to save money. These panels are also generating energy the whole time the sun is out, so if the panels generate too much energy for you to use, it will store it for when you do need it. Nothing goes to waste.

Diverse Uses

Using solar, you can generate electricity and heat. It can also be used to distill water in places with limited clean water supplies.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels take close to no maintenance. The extent of the maintenance is cleaning them a few times a year. Most panels also come with close to 20-25 years warranty. The inverter is the only part that may need to be replaced periodically, but only every 5-10 years.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar Panels are Costly

Solar panels are not necessary to power your home with renewable energy, but they come with several extra benefits. That being said, they also come at a fairly high price. Storing energy can also be pretty expensive.

Panels are Weather Dependent

While one foggy day will not shut off your power, several cloudy days in a row can have a noticeable effect on the efficiency of your home’s power. Solar energy also cannot be collected during the night.

A Lot of Space is Needed

Plenty of space is necessary for solar panels. The more panels your home has, the more effective your system will be. This might be an issue for smaller homes with less roof space. If this is the case, you can always place a few panels in your yard. This might be an issue, however, because it keeps the panels less protected and might put them in danger if you have children or animals in your home.

Solar Panels Cannot Move With You

You should hold off on installing solar panels if you are planning on moving any time soon. Unfortunately, these panels cannot move with you. This is a disadvantage of solar panels because these panels are a large investment, but must stay in one place. They may, however, add value to your home when you sell it.

How to Get Solar Energy

While solar panels are a great tool and have several benefits, there are other ways to be able to power your home using solar energy. There are several energy providers that offer solar energy options such as TXU Energy, Reliant Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.