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About Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy US based electricity provider that offers electricity products, carbon offsets, and sustainable energy plans to residential and commercial customers. Check out Green Mountain energy reviews to see why this provider is such a great option for you.

Popular Cities Green Mountain Energy Serves: Houston | Dallas | Fort Worth

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2 Green Mountain Energy Rates & Plans

As a result, Green Mountain Energy is the longest-serving renewable energy retailer who remains committed to clean energy every step of the way. By offering products with an environmental benefit and operating with a zero-carbon footprint, they live up to their promise to the planet, inside and out.

Green Mountain Energy was started Vermont in 1997. Their mission to use energy deregulation as a way to save the environment is simple but powerful. Over the last 20 years Green Mountain has grown from a small spin-off company to the longest serving renewable energy provider in the nation.

Green Mountain Renewable Energy

Green Mountain Energy is committed to creating a sustainable future for the environment. Even more, Its mission to change the way energy is made has helped them grow tremendously over the last 20 years. With the help of its environmentally friendly consumers, Green Mountain looks to continue shaping the renewable energy market. Take a look at all the plans available to find the lowest Green Mountain energy rates.

Green Mountain Plans

When you choose to go with one of the Green Mountain Plans, you are buying electricity that will be generated from green, renewable resources. Besides having the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, you will benefit from low Green Mountain rates as well as other perks. Compare Green Mountain Energy plans to find the best option for you and your needs.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Green Mountain offers several fixed-rate energy plan options for your home. You may be wondering what exactly a fixed-rate plan is. This type of energy plan provides you with locked-in electricity rates each month. With a plan like this, you will not have to worry about your rates fluctuating each month. With a variable-rate plan, on the other hand, you will not benefit from the security of knowing that your rates will not change and fluctuate with the energy market. Another benefit of a fixed-rate energy plan is that you will have the power to choose a contract term length that works great for you. You have the option of a contract that ranges anywhere from one month to six years and everywhere in between. There is truly a plan option for any need you may have.

Take a look at Green Mountain's fixed-rate plans to see if they have the perfect option for you.

Green Mountain Solar Energy Plans

With this Green Mountain Texas eneregy plan, you can help make solar energy more affordable for all Texans. Green Mountain sets money aside every month on behalf of all its solar consumers. This money is used to invest in programs and technology to make solar power more affordable for all.

Green Mountain Pollution Free Plan

This one of a kind plan help’s Texas consume less. Green Mountain pairs its green energy with efficient tech gadgets to get you the most bang for your buck. You can choose from water conserving sprinklers, LED lights for your home, or a Nest Learning Thermostat at no charge.

Green Mountain Carbon Offset Plan

Green Mountain will not only help you calculate your carbon footprint, but goes the extra mile to help you offset it with green energy.

Green Mountain Energy for Business

Green Mountain helps you to power your business as well as your home. They are passionate about helping to reduce your business's carbon footprint and help you benefit the world around you. The company understands that as a business, you need to guard against rising prices, which includes rising energy prices. They want to help you lock in your energy rates and budget your costs well. A Green Mountain plan can help your business benefit the environment without hurting the bank account. Take a look at all of Green Mountain's energy options, to see if you find the perfect plan for your company.

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Green Mountain Energy Electricity Plans Reviews

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How to Pay Your Green Mountain Bill

Green Mountain makes it simple to pay your bill. Here are the options you have when making your payment.

Pay Online

Use the Green Mountain website or your bank to send electronic payments automatically. Don't forget to sign up for Tree Free billing so you can receive your bill directly in your inbox and save the environment!

Green Mountain AutoPay

Log into your account on the Green Mountain website and have your monthly balance withdrawn from your bank account or credit card of choice. This is the most hassle free way to ensure your bill is paid on-time each month.

Pay by Mail

Send your payment and the receipt that came with your bill to: P.O. Box 660305 Dallas, TX 75266-0305

Pay In Person

Residential customers can pay in person at all CheckFreePay station locations. There is a convenience fee of $1.50 and you will need to bring you remittance slip. Click here for a list of locations.

Green Mountain Bill Payment Assistance Program

Want to lend a helping hand? Green Mountain makes is easy to help low-income households pay their electricity bills. Check the box on your bill, write in the amount, and add it to your payment.

Facts About Green Mountain

Headquarters: Austin Tx
Founded: 1997
Subsidiary of Reliant Energy since: 2008
Market served: Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York City
Green Mountain Energy's commitment to sustainability.

Ready to Sign Up? Call Green Mountain Energy Directly: (855) 912-0033

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