Buying energy in Texas can seem like a daunting task. With so many different providers, rates and offers it is overwhelming to know where to start. This blog post will help you find the best electricity plans for your needs by explaining what each part of the process entails.

What do I need? What are my options? How do I sign up? These are all questions that may pop into your head when considering signing up with a new provider, or even just shopping around. Below we’ll answer some common questions and provide tips on how to make this process less intimidating for you!

What are my options?

The first thing to do is figure out what your energy needs will be. Think about how many people live in your household and what appliances you use on a daily basis. This information can help narrow down the best plan for you. There are four types of plans:

Fixed-rate plans:

You pay the same price for electricity every month regardless of how much energy you use. These plans are usually good if your household is at a set income level and doesn’t have too many fluctuations in usage throughout the year. With this option, you will have a set contract and set energy rates.

Variable-rate plans:

Your monthly bill fluctuates with market prices so it can help keep costs down but may be higher than some other types of plans depending on when you sign up. This option might work well for households who experience big changes in their energy usage from season to season or those that want more control over what they’re paying each month, especially during peak months where demand is high and supply sometimes isn’t able to meet all needs.

Prepaid electricity plans:

These plans allow you to pay in advance for a set amount of electricity. These are especially good if your household has more than one person that may use the plan and want to save on costs during off-peak hours when energy is cheaper.

Solar energy:

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, solar power might be right up your alley! This type of power harnesses the sun’s rays as energy so it doesn’t rely on any other types of fuel or charge. The downside? You need direct sunlight which means that this service won’t work well in shady areas like trees or forests but does work great in sunny climates such as Texas where there is plenty of sunshine all year round!

You can also compare rates between providers by entering your zip code into our quick comparison tool. If at any time you need some assistance with comparing different providers contact us! One of our agents would love to answer all of your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

What do I need?

When shopping for a new energy provider, you will need your account number and the name of your current electricity company. This information can typically be found on either an electric bill or with our customer service team if you contact us at any time! If you are considering shopping around to compare providers without signing up right away, simply enter this information into the quick comparison tool – we’ll provide rates from all available providers so that it’s easy for you to make an informed decision about which plan would best suit your needs.

The next step is figuring out what type of contract term (if applicable) works best for me, whether it’s month-to-month, 12 months, or 24 months. We would love to help you decide which term is best for your needs! Our energy experts are happy to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the process so that it’s easy for you to understand and make a decision on what works best.

How do I sign up?

Once you’ve figured out the type of plan and term that best suits your needs, it’s time to sign up. To get started, find a provider in our quick comparison tool that matches what you’re looking for. Enter your account number or zip code into the search field and then use filters such as “month-to-month” or “variable rate plans.” Once we have found providers near you, simply click on one of them to learn more about their service offerings!